Schuele Paint is one of the oldest businesses operating in the city of Buffalo—the company opened its first store in 1903 on Ellicott Street in downtown Buffalo. In 1922, Schuele  re-located to  12 Summer Street.

Paul Leahey, an Albany native, purchased Schuele Paint in 1994 from Buffalo entrepreneur, Dick Baer. 
Leahey entered the Buffalo business scene, with literally, quite a splash.

Eye-catching TV commercials introduced the new owner to western New York through a self-deprecating, humorous TV campaign with creative that included splashing gallons of paint on the former contractors’ head--with and without the protection of an umbrella.

The advertising featured very pourable Benjamin Moore Co. paints. Schuele is one of the Benjamin Moore’s largest independent dealers in North America. (Benjamin Moore is a subsidiary of the Berkshire Hathaway holding company.)
In 2012, Leahey opened Buffalo’s first Ace Hardware in an old building that sat on the Summer Street property site. For years it was used to warehouse Schuele paint and equipment.
During renovations, Leahey discovered that the old brick structure was originally built and used as a horse barn for the city of Buffalo's Police and Fire departments. Clean-up and site inspections exposed grooved, concrete flooring design to prevent horses from slipping when wet and icy and horse height stall “windows.”

 ”We saw the opportunity to both add a modern retail site to serve the needs of our neighbors, and at the same time, restore part of Buffalo history, added Leahey.                                                              

In addition to the two retail properties on Summer Street in Buffalo, Schuele Paint also has two suburban locations: In Amherst at 1405 Niagara Falls Boulevard and at 8222 Main Street in Clarence